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History of the Lansing library

Library services first began in Lansing in 1912 when the Lansing Library Association was organized by the P.E.O. Sisterhood and the E.W.A., a federated Iowa women's club. The articles of incorporation for this assocation were established in 1914. The first library was located on the corner of Front and Main Streets. Later it moved to upper Main Street to the building immediately east of the present building. That property was given to the library association by local residents.
Membership in the library association was $1 per year. Two women's groups managed the association until 1935, when it was given to the city and the Lansing Public Library was established. The city then took over the financial support. The first library building at the current site was built in 1967 and was made possible through a bequest from the estates of Anna and Kara Koehm, who were longtime teachers in the Lansing schools. The furnishings for the buiding were donated by local organizations and residents.
The Lansing library is part of the State of Iowa Library system. The state is divided into seven regions and we are part of the northeast region, which is headquarted at the Waterloo Public Library.
A new library building replaced the 1967 building and was dedicated in August 2005. The Meehan family made a donation toward construction to expand the library and their name was added to the library name. The new library is three times larger than the 1967 building.


Left, the Lansing library as it looked from 1967 to 2004. The library was expanded in 2004/05. At right is the building used for the library prior to 1967. It still stands to the east of the current library.