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Summer children's programs

When school's out for the summer, learning through the library springs into session. In summer 2019, we offered free programs on Thursdays for kids ages 11 through adult and free Friday programs for kids ages 5 to 10.

Library staff, teachers and a variety of community volunteers led sessions that taught the children about their home community. Activities included:

  • Learning about the history of Lansing's Mt. Hosmer park and the veterans memorial on that bluff
  • Performing and listening to live music in Hosmer's old quarry amphitheater
  • Having a scavenger hunt around town.
  • Making art to express the concept of compassion
  • Kayaking in Village Creek during a family picnic evening.

Programs for 2020 will build on this foundation.


Summer evening presentations

We hold presentations at the library at least once a month during spring and summer. In 2019 we heard from speakers on a variety of topics:

  • Lansing's Black Hawk Bridge—its history and plans for its future
  • How the railroad came to Lansing and its influence on the town
  • Civil War history involving local residents
  • Life on the "homefront" in Lansing during World War II